Fintech Global Systems is a Woman and Minority Owned firm. We are based in the Washington, DC area. The company specializes in mobile app development for customer markets, with an emphasis on mobile banking apps. We also work with local state and city agencies on mobile payment solutions to enhance their public revenue collection systems.

FGS is a federally registered vendor and open to global joint venture engagements.

In The Future Everyone will be a Mobile Bank

Mobile Banking shouldn't limited to just the weathly, today with mobile NFC technologies, everyone can enjoy mobile banking in the palm of their hands.

FGS has a suite of mobile phone apps and NFC-enabled devices for users of all levels. Whether you are a small business owner, a private landscaper, or are just starting out, our mobile banking tools help you collect paymen and grow your business using your mobile phone.

With our mobile wallet system you can shop online, pay bills or save for a major purchase. Our mobile wallet system offers digital security when you're traveling, so you don't have to carry a lot of cash. And our new Employer Transportation Accounts can help you save on local bus, passenger van and train fares when you use your mobile wallet.

FGS is deveoping new assisted mobility tools to help rider board and access local transportation systems. Our NFC-enabled stickers, lanyards and wristlets allo disabled riders to pay for fares, schedule specialized transporation and rural van service and check their account balances through adaptive devices.

Our Engineers rae working with Public Transportation Authorities to develop and test fare payment, mobile scheduling, on-demand essential travel, audible and touch mobile commands for visually-impaired riders. Working with public and rural trsnsportation operators, we can craft solutions spcifically for disabled persons and elderly riders who use private, rural, volunteer and public transportation networks.

We are expanding our coverage of rural and local transportation operating systems and andetworks. FGS expects its mobile wallet system will be accessible by 40% of the nation's public transportation systems by 2023.