Near-Field Communication

Access Cashless Retail and Transportation Systems

Secure Digital Wallets

Mobile Banking App for Unbanked Workers

Currency Converters

Earn & Send Money to Family & Friends Anywhere!

Mobile Banking Platforms

City Mobile Wallet Solutions to increase tourism and revenue dollars.

Merchant Banking Tools

Earn more money with mobile banking. Whether you are a freelance vendor, indpendent craftsperson or licensed plumber, FGS offers the mobile wallet tools to increase your sales and help you reach new customers. Our mobile wallet packages are built to help you grow your business and retain more of what you earn.

Access Cashless Systems

The move to Cashless systems in grocery stores, gas stations, restuarants and public transportation leaves many low-income and unbanked families without the means to access these essential services. FGS mobile wallets are built specifically for freelance and unbanked workers. Our mobile wallet systems are easy to use and can be used in many public transportation bus and rail systems.

Sell with Safety

Freelancers and indpendent contractors have the double burden of getting paid a fair wage for their work and keeping their money safe as they travel home. With FGS mobile wallets, independent contractors and sellers of all sizes can submit invoices and safely store profits from their sales in their individual mobile wallets. Our mobile wallets are also equipped with NFC technologies, so unbanked workers can shop for groceries or pay bills using their mobile devices.